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Unimonex is a universal system designed in cooperation with APF BIOSS JSC that unites several devices and allows to diagnose simultaneously different body functions and record patient's vital parameters for use in screening, surgery, intensive care. Unimonex provides a unique technology for remote data transmission to monitor patient state over the Internet.


  • continuous data registration with optional recording for up to 5 hours;
  • online clinical parameter calculation for every device;
  • study of ischemic disorders of cerebral blood flow;
  • diagnosis of brain death;
  • functional tests (test of autoregulation, vasomotor reactivity, critical pressure of closure etc.);
  • automatic detection of embolism with differentiation into material and gaseous;
  • remote data transfer via Internet or local network;
  • saving the results of multidiagnostics in WinPatientExpert database;
  • creating customized print-outs;
  • export the results in Word and Excel format;
  • flexible system configuration for your needs.

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