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Vatlas (ultrasonography atlas) is a BIOSOFT-M company product developed in cooperation with vascular surgery specialists from 15 City Hospital Shnaider Y. E. and Tutova M. G. Valtlas is based on a set of the unique materials collected from brain arteries and peripheral parts of the circulatory system. Vatlas displays a set of hemodynamics records for both norms and various pathologies to the wide auditory.

Multimedia Reference

Navigation among human arteries on a 3D vessel scheme Fast and convenient search through Vatlas database criteria Unique compression probes method material for cerebral blood flow disorders study

Main features

  • A large amount of valuable clinical records shows clinical practice diversity in both cerebral and peripheral blood flow dysfunctions.
    • Spectrogram multimedia records for norms and various pathologies
    • Artery video records from scanner
    • Checkup results commentaries
    • Probe setup instructions
    • Hemodinamyc index ranges
  • Spectrogram replay with sound
  • Main human body arteries visualization in 3D
  • 3D movement in space
  • Several user interface schemes

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